Green Roofing – A Living Roof


A green roof is comprised of waterproof membrane covered with living vegetation. This living roof can be made up of various layers including the growing medium, a root barrier, and drainage and irrigation systems.

Eco Roofing – The Live Roof

A living roof will serve many purposes on a commercial or residential building. It will provide insulation, rainwater absorption & filtration, help lower urban air temperatures, and create a pleasing roof-scape.

Advantages of Green Roofing

  • Reduced Utility Fees by providing a an insulating barrier that can reduce heat loss and cooling costs.
  • Reduce Storm Water Runoff
  • Meet Corporate Sustainability Goals
  • Create a Positive Corporate Image
  • Create an Natural Urban Environment for Wildlife
  • LEED Certification Possible for Further Corporate Tax Breaks
  • Extend Roof Membrane Lifespan

A properly installed green roof can extend the lifespan of the roof membrane by over 200% by shielding the membrane from UV radiation and physical damage.

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Tax Benefits of Green Roofing

Federal Tax Credits are available for green building projects, which include adding a living roof to your building structure.
Ohio offers The Alternative Stormwater Infrastructure Loan Program, which provides below market rates for the design and construction of green infrastructures, as part of economic development projects. These funds are available to government entities who partner with developers to use these funds.
Although in the long run the advantages of green roofing outweigh the disadvantages, there are still a few drawbacks to a living roof.

Disadvantages or Drawbacks to Living Roofs

  • Higher Static Loading
  • Stronger Structural Requirements
  • Higher Initial Cost than Standard Roofing Systems
  • Requires a stronger membrane system to prevent root penetration

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