Green Roofing – A Living Roof


A green roof is comprised of waterproof membrane covered with living vegetation. This living roof can be made up of various layers including the growing medium, a root barrier, and drainage and irrigation systems.

Eco Roofing – The Live Roof

A living roof will serve many purposes on a commercial or residential building. It will provide insulation, rainwater absorption & filtration, help lower urban air temperatures, and create a pleasing roof-scape.

Advantages of Green Roofing

  • Reduced Utility Fees by providing a an insulating barrier that can reduce heat loss and cooling costs.
  • Reduce Storm Water Runoff
  • Meet Corporate Sustainability Goals
  • Create a Positive Corporate Image
  • Create an Natural Urban Environment for Wildlife
  • LEED Certification Possible for Further Corporate Tax Breaks
  • Extend Roof Membrane Lifespan</