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At Durable Rooftop Solutions, our focus is on commercial roofing solutions. We provide long lasting solutions to your commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing problems.

The Best Commercial Roof Replacement Choice

Mother Nature is hard on flat roofing. UV radiation, ponding water, wind damage, and normal foot traffic wear and tear can break down the roof membrane over time, leading to the need for roof replacement. Fortunately, advances in roofing technology have made commercial roof replacement options more durable and longer lasting than ever before. Today’s prefabricated, single-ply roofing membranes can be affixed right over the existing roof substrate, eliminating costly and disruptive tear-offs.

Flat roofing Akron, Industrial Roofers Akron, Industrial Roofing Contractors AkronRoof Replacement Without Disruption to Your Business

Duro Last Logo, Duro-last roofers in ohio, Akron commercial roofingThe Duro-Last® PVC roof membrane used by Durable Rooftop Solutions is mechanically attached to the deck, edges and vinyl components of the roof. It is then heat welded together to create a watertight, permanent seal from one side of the roof to the other. There are no loud machines, toxic fumes, or hazardous materials. There is no hot tar smell or mess to deal with. If the new roof can be installed over the existing roofing material, tear-off mess and debris is avoided completely.

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Commercial Roofing With Lasting Durability

PVC Roofing Membrane is a fire resistant roofing solution. It will resist high winds, chemical spills, and punctures. Duro-Last® Roofing easily acommodates temperature fluxuations. Our PVC Roofing will also stand up to light foot traffic, but we can install Duro-Last Roof-Trak® Protective Walkway System, which will withstand heavy equipment and maintenance traffic.

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Metal Roofing Options

Metal Roofers, Metal Roofing contractors Akron, Ohio Metal RoofingStanding Seam Metal Roofs

At Durable Rooftop Solutions, we also install metal roofing on commercial and institutional buildings. Metal roofing is an affordable, long-lasting, durable choice for pitched industrial roofs. Metal Roofing’s fire resistant properties often lower insurance costs. A metal roof is a great roof replacement option.

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Green Roofing Solutions

Ohio Green Roofing Solutions, Commercial Roofing contractors AkronLiving Roof

Live Roof offers a great solution to the problem of storm water runoff while adding interest to your building’s aesthetics. Tax incentives are now offered by numerous municipalities helping R.O.I. to be realized in as little as 5 to 7 years. Expected “Roof-Life Expectancy” is doubled possibly even tripled by eliminating the deleterious effects of UV aging of the roofing infrastructure. Most of all Live Roof looks great while reducing the workload on HVAC units during warm weather months.

Let Your Roof Go Green

A green roof, or living roof, is comprised of waterproof membrane covered with living vegetation. This living roof can be made up of various layers including the growing medium, a root barrier, and drainage and irrigation systems.
A living roof will serve many purposes on a commercial or residential building. It will provide insulation, rainwater absorption & filtration, help lower urban air temperatures, and create a pleasing roof-scape.
A properly installed green roof can extend the lifespan of the roof membrane by over 200% by shielding the membrane from UV radiation and physical damage.

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